How to restore BeagleBoard-X15 to its default image?


I recently flashed a new eMMC image to the BeagleBoard-x15, later found out that it’s not an image I want. How do I restore the BeagleBoard-X15 to its original eMMC image?

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With out a copy of your original eMMC image, I believe you’re out of luck. If you have it you’re good to go.

Because of the limitation size of eMMC (4Gb) on the BBX15, I have learned to develop on the SD card.
I have 3 different SD images at the moment. I have been finding lib’s that coexist on my Desktop (x86) will not
on my BBX15 (Arm). May be because of DSP, PRU support on the BBX15.


You can get the official images here:

Note if you want to flash your eMMC (vs. just run off the uSD card)
you will need to edit uEnv.txt as described in the text.