how to run bus3-i2c using angstrom on beagleboard C4 to program dlp pico projector

I installed the latest angstrom demo image on beagleboard rev C4 using
SD card. Logged in as root. Pico projector is connected to HDMI port
and shows the login screen. I have a serial port connected with tera
term pro and a mouse and keyboard connected to beagleboard. I can play
the included BigBunny movie on pico projector.

However, running bus3-i2c or picodlp command gives the following

root@beagleboard:~# bus3-i2c
-sh: bus3-i2c: not found

root@beagleboard:/dev# uname -a
Linux beagleboard 2.6.28-omap1 #2 Thu Feb 19 12:45:34 IST 2009 armv7l

root@beagleboard:/dev# ls i2c
ls: i2c: No such file or directory

please help me out.