how to run from eMMC instead of the microSD card.

Hello, my first post. I have read all the basic information about flashing eMMC from microSD. I have 2 bbb. I have successfully updated them both to the latest versions of angstrom using the user button hold and power method.

I use putty for windows to turn on x11server to login to the desktop over the network to see it working.

I have a project that I am trying to do called mineninja. its over at - specifically these instructions:

Restoring a backup to the eMMC:

Copy the image file to a microSD car Boot the BeagleBone with the “user” button depressed and the microSD inserted. With the BeagleBone running from the microSD you can now safely flash the eMMc. From your desktop machine you can use a command like this: xz -cd mineninjaBBB.img.xz | ssh root@mineninja.local ‘dd of=/dev/mmcblk1 bs=1M’

OK so i did copy the image file to the sd card booted with user button while its inserted then applied power. waited all night long and the 4 solid lights are not showing. itbasically just ran from sd card. even if i dont hold the button in, it runs from sdcard if the sdcard is in, and if sdcard is out and i power it up, it runs from emmc default angstrom image that I flashed with the flasher file. The problem is that the image of mineninjabbb.img isnt a flasher image. And I dont understand what the instructions mean to restore the backup, which in my case is just that 2nd part of the instructions when they mention goto your desktop machine and put that command in. can someone help me. I can tether fine with the bbb, the image is on sdcard already and it boots to the sdcard and it runs the mineninga from the sdcard, i just want to flash it to the eMMC!. I have putty and can remote into the bbb either over the network or via tether. thanks in advance for the help.

I figured it out all is well! had to read between the lines dd () of between the () without the () put the name of the .img file including the .img part. good 2 go!