How to run PowerVR demos inside angstrom BB


I have been trying to run the demos of powerVR using the SGX
accelerator of BB. but struggling in following the texts available out
there on net. Whether i should follow this below link..




I need know the difference. How to proceed with it....

I have downloaded the below SDKS from ti site and i have installed on
my host which is SUSE linux.


How to proceed with the integration of powerVR in to BB. Moreover, 2nd
link luks easy, but i dont know where this "$OE_HOME/openembedded/
packages/powervr-drivers/ folder" path is locating...Confused a lot...
Help me plz. Gr8 thanks if u did..


Neither are applicable, SGX support comes preinstalled on almost all beagleboard images.

Then may i know how can i run those demos of powervr on BB..?

And if possible, Plz read this below link to understand my problem...

Thanks Koen