How to separate boards?

Anyone have a good and simple way to separate the BBB boards without bending the pins?

a couple different sized flat head screw drivers and take your time.
Some capes have pwr/gnd rails near the pins, so easy to disconnect..


With gold flash on both connectors it is not that difficult. But, best way is to pry them apart a little at a time working back and forth on one side and then the other.


Thanks Robert but that doesn’t work well for me. Perhaps I don’t have enuf patience. However, I found that I can use a single flat blade screwdriver at the ends of the connectors, twisting the blade to separate the connectors. I remember having a board separating tool for PC/104 boards that worked well. It would be nice to have such a tool for the BBBs.

It would be great if someone could create a 3D printed tool, that way there is less chance of damaging the board.

As I said, if both connecters are gold it is easier to get off. I can do it with my fingers. However, if the cape is tin, then you are in trouble. Tin is very rough.