how to set a static ip address for beagle bone


Could any one explain how to find out beagle bone ip address & how to set a static IP addres.

I’m new to Ubuntu & Beagle Bone.



The easiest way to get a static address is to tell your DHCP router to
always put the Beaglebone’s MAC address on a specific IP address.

You can get both the MAC address and current IP address of the
Beaglebone by issuing the command line instruction ifconfig .

If your DHCP router will not set a fixed IP address, then
you can edit the file /etc/network/interfaces

For more specific instructions, GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND.

Google the topic or question you have, and you will usually find the answer.

For instance, Google “How to set static IP address on Beaglebone”

and you get multiple answers, all of which will work.

For example:

explains both the ifconfig command and specifics on how to edit

— Graham