how to set up 2 UARTs - pinmux settings lost on 2nd dts


I am trying to set up 2 UARTs using instructions as per
except i am also adding another UART, (using the corresponding pin and the pinmux settings for the second file)

I can set up UART3 (ttyO2) & UART5 (ttyO4) independently, and they work fine

However, when loading the 2 device tree sources, only the first pinmux setting seem to be “remembered”, the second are defaulted to 0x37, and therefore do not work

Is there another way of setting up 2 UARTs?

as you can see in the dmesg output below, the pins cannot seem to be setup if there is already UART5 setup



i am using:
Linux beaglebone 3.8.6 #1 SMP


working now still scratching my head

upgraded to angstrom 3.8.13 and the omap_uart 48024000.serial: did not get pins for uart2 error: -19 dissapeared
when i used BB-UART2 and BB-UART4 dts files in /lib/firmware
can now used both uarts simultaneously