How to swap bonescript and apache server ports ?

I just bought a BeagleBoard Black (3.8.13-bone47)

I see that it has apache running on port 8080 and nodejs (bonescript) on port 80.
I want to swap those over, to get apache (which I’m more familiar with) running on port 80.
I changed port 80 to 8000 in
and rebooted,
and I can get apache running OK, and the basic documentation on port 8000, but the demo scripts no longer work
e.g. getPlatform() returns
Exception: Module “bonescript” is not currently available

What else do I need to edit to get bonescript to run ?

It looks like the bonescript.js that is loaded by the browser expects to find a websocket listening on port 80 as well as some other javascript files served from port 80 too.

Have a look at http://beaglebone.local/bonescript.js

That looks like it could come from: /usr/local/lib/node_modules/bonescript/bonescript.js