How to turn off the WL1835MOD of BBBW?

Hi, everyone. I’m testing the power consumption of the WL1835MOD of BBBW. So I need to turn the WL1835MOD off and on to check the power consuming difference. I have tried several ways to turn it off but failed. The ways I tried:

  1. ifconfig wlan0 down. No power consuming difference is observed. The WL led is still on after I tried the command. I guess the WiFi was not really off.
  2. According to (, “For low-power modes, the WL18xx chip can be held in a suspend/shutdown mode where it will draw minimal current in order to preserve battery life/minimize power draw. These commands can be run on any supported platform, including, but not limited to, the AM335x, AM437x, AM57x, and BeagleBone.” After I followed the below instructions, almost every thing on the BBBW was turned off. But I only need the WL1835MOD to turn off.
  • mount -t debugfs debugfs /tmp/

  • echo 1 > /tmp/pm_debug/enable_off_mode

  • mount -t debugfs debugfs /tmp/1. According to (, I could disable WL1835MOD to boot by uncommenting #disable_uboot_overlay_wireless=1, but the wifi and bluetooth still boot up after I restarted the BBBW.
    Does anyone has any idea how to turn off the WL1835MOD? Thank you.

Removing FB1 would do the trick:


Thank you very much. But how to Remove the FB1? Could you shed some light on how to do that?

Solder iron..