How to use a 3G modem with BeagleBone Black using Sakis3G

When I try to run sakis3g, I get this message:

Unable to locate dependency “getent”. Script will now abort.

The getent command is not available on the BeagleBone, but it is on my PC. Does anyone know how I can install this in Ångström?

Same problem

unable to locate dependency “getent”. scipt will now abort.

have you found solution yet?

Yep, I solved it. It was quite a while ago though and I’m no longer sure of the exact steps. However, I believe it had something to do with installing a package called glibc to provide getent.

However, I didn’t end up using Sakis3G because the 3G modem was used in a commerical embedded application and had to be automated. If you wan’t the same kind of automation it is fairly easy to set up pppd with a chatscript to control the modem. There are various guides on the web to be found about this.