How to use PocketBeagle CAN Pins?

Hello Folks!

We are currently experimenting with the PocketBeagle CAN Connection but haven’t got much success yet. The PocketBeagle will be connected to a car. To accomplish this we use a CAN Board ( in connection with a step down converter and a OBD2 Male Connector.

Our first thought was that we can use the dcan1 Pins (P2.09 for RX, P2.11 for TX) to connect the hardware and just test everything with the socketcan tool - without success.

We then tried different Tutorials:
They didn’t work either.

Another problem is that there is almost no documentation on how to use the PocketBealge CAN or maybe we just can’t find it.

Has someone got a good tutorial or hints how to use the CAN Pins correct? Do we need the Device Tree Overlays? How can we test that a Device Tree Overlay is working properly or something is connected to the CAN pins?
We are really thankful for any advise or solution!

If you see any mistakes feel free to help improve ^ it..


Is there a method of using these commands at boot so that the CAN interface is available?

config-pin P1_28 can    # rx
config-pin P1_26 can    # tx
I have trouble to find the necessary information on how to create a CANbus related overlay. But in fact I only need these two commands to execute at boot.

Hi Gwen,

this was spot on
Thanks for the tip of leaving out CANbus on the google search.