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The subject is accurate of lacking. I’m looking for MORE information on how to get things up and running when they dont.
I’m new to this platform and I cant get anything to function except the mini-USB cable. I dont even know where to start troubleshooting. Its frustrating to say the least and I dont want to be “that guy” that hijacks every topic that touches on something similar.
The getting started guide is great if everything works but its a paperweight when it doesnt.
Where do i find information about why DHCP isnt working? Why my FTDI serial cable isnt working? how to force setups? determine if the OS is functioning? etc. etc. etc.
I dont mind reading, thats all ive been doing for the past 10 days (since buying this device), but darn if i can find any info.
Anything is appreciated at this point.

google works wonders, and unfortunately since you do not have a specific question that’s about as good as I or anyone else can do.

DHCP requires a service installed, and running at boot. A non working serial debug cable can fail for many a reason. Is it known working ? Is it 3v3 ttl ? is it connected properly ? Which Linux image are you running on the BBB ? Which init daemon are you running - systemd or sysv ?

As for anything, knowing a good bit about something goes a long way for troubleshooting. You sir, will need to become intimately familiar with Linux - Otherwise this show stops here. Also, as you can see above, there is no one solution fix for many, or even any problem on a system running Linux. Which is why you need to become familiar with it.

In the end, if you’re running a stock image on a Beaglebone black REVC. I can probably help you fix the DHCP issue. Set a static IP for the usb ethernet gadget on both host, and BBB. for host, for the Beaglebone. netmask will suffice. With gateway on the Beaglebone note this as an example:

As for the serial debug cable. I can only guess at what the problem is, and you need to answer all of the above questions first before anyone can help you well.

Thank you William.
you have given me exactly what i needed - a list of next steps and an idea of where to look.
Dead ends dont sit well with me, as you can probably judge.
Much appreciated.

First things first… Ethernet
Why is there an IP address associated with a USB port? This is confusing me. Are you telling me that is the static IP for the NIC? Well, if so, that would explain why DHCP isnt working and, as my subnet is 192.168.1.x (like most home routers), why i cant even sniff it. I will investigate your recommendation and try to get DHCP working.

Second… the FTDI cable is the one recommended by the guide. It is 3.3v and, it seems, the connector will only seat one way so presumably its correct. I do get to the login prompt but it wont accept my credentials. I’m using “root” and . As a test, thinking maybe I was somehow not connected to the board, I tried my MAC root password and it didnt login either so presumably that means indeed i was seeing the BBB prompts. So, apparently not a connection issue.

Are there any more advanced guides for this product?
As I touched on before, the accompanying guide is misleading in that it leads you to believe that all you have to do is connect the CAT5 cable, sniff the address, and open the web portal… that isnt exactly true. Which I wouldnt have a problem with if more details were forthcoming in the manual to help me reconfigure or get around the problem.
Maybe its time to write one (more advanced guide)… I volunteer to help, since I’m going to be, for all intents and purposes, writing one as I learn - case in point, this string.

Thank you again for responding and your guidance.


I can't tell from your email what distribution you're using, but if it's one of RCN's debian distros, it should tell you just above the login line what the login credentials are. Try "debian" and "temppwd".