How useful is BBB?

Well, I recently ordered a BBB and a gen4-4DCAPE and wanted to play Android on it. Then it turned out that there is no Android that would operate exactly this LCD. So I thought, actually not bad, then I’ll just install debian and play the apps I want on it, bbhjut now I’m disappointed that most apps for 32-bit architecture don’t exist and almost every installation of programs fails because there are no right libraries installed and when you try to update them, the system fails. What do you say about that, I have a feeling that for the armhf architecture the fun options are pretty limited…right?

Do you have an example of a failure, system upgrade should also not be failing…


I’ve never played games on the BBB, and I’m pretty sure there are better SBCs out there for that. The BBB is the best SBC I’ve found for providing lots of GPIO pins and the only one with built-in encoder readers. So it’s really useful for embedded controls. I’m not sure the community (mostly RCN) has time to support much else.

Hi, yes like a second ago, I have tried to install a libc6 version 2.31 and that completely broke the system on reboot - the screen stucks on reboot and through FTDI login with the default debian user doesnt work anymore. Not to mention the fact that the installation failed because there is an incompatibility in the openssh server versions of the package.

I am using bone debian 9.5 lxt from 2018, I hink it is the latest graphical version

Wait… you installed libc6 2.31 on Debian 9.x ???

Debian 9.x shipped with glibc 2.24!!!

Yeah, that will break everything!

Edit: Add, i’m not debugging that… Start over with a fresh image, and don’t do that…

Edit2: if you need glibc 2.31 start with Bullseye: Debian 11.x (Bullseye) - Monthly Snapshots


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Should I do somehing? But anyway, I think you might have helped me. I will give 11.x a try and let you know. Sorry for my lack of competence.