HS-RTDX with Beagleboard

Hi Guys,

Has anyone succeeded on using Beagleboard with HS-RTDX (High speed real time data exchange API for dsp/bios)?
I use TI XDS560 PCI emulator and tested RTDX. It works great but the throughput is only up to 25KB/s
Now I’ve been trying to force HS-RTDX to work but with no success.
I suspect that setting proper TCLK for JTAG is a key, but even using “xdsprobe -f brddat\ccbrd0.dat -k” to obtain all available clock settings didn’t help.
Does this JTAG TCLK correspond to processor TCLK? Which I’ve found to be 26MHz for Beagleboard-xM (c64x+ DSP).