I believed I shorted my board

Hey ,

I was Loving my Beagle Bone black, but as I was pulling some usb cables, it moved my beagle bone black so that the backside of the PCB touched the ethernet metal enclosure of my Rasberry Pi ( it was jealous I had moved on ). After that happened I no longer see any LEDs at all on my Beagle Bone when I plug in the power ( 5v barrel ) or the USB mini.

I bought another BBB and am going to test the equivalent resistances , diodes etc with the shorted board compared to the new working one that I just bought, but here’s my question:

If I blew out U2 ( the power management unit ) , are there any instructions for ordering and soldering the TPS65217C ?


Just contact the folks for an RMA #

Most likely, the TPS65217C is fine.

Do the RMA http://www.elinux.org/Beagleboard:BeagleBoneBlack#RMA_Support



Hi Gerald,

I purchased this at a Maker Faire back in 2014 and don’t even have the receipt.

I work at an electronics shop and want to fix it myself. I was just curious of the easiest way to debug what went wrong as well as possibly ordering a replacement TPS65217C if i need to.


That is up to you, but my experience is that the problem is most likely is the processor. You can buy one from Digikey fro $23 not including shipping…

Goof luck!