i can boot to u-boot with nothing more than the MLO and u-boot.img files, right?

a question i thought i knew the answer to but, after this weekend,
suddenly not so sure. as part of a class lab, i want to get students
to boot to u-boot on a BBB after having cross-compiled and stored on
SD card nothing more than the appropriate MLO and u-boot.img files.

  i could have sworn i'd done this a number of times using the
meta-beagleboard layer but, this weekend, i was messing with the
meta-ti layer and running into grief so i backed off and (predictably)
created a new SD card with nothing but those two files and booted and
... it hung repeatedly after the SPL line.

  it may be something idiotic i did but, theoretically, to get to
u-boot, i need only those two files on a properly formatted SD card,
correct? the whole point is that i want students to, step-by-step,
create a fully bootable system, so that's were i want them to start.


quick followup to my own post, yes, it seems (as i always thought)
that i can boot to u-boot with only the MLO and u-boot.img files, so i
have no idea what was going on with the meta-ti layer.

  for people who want to follow along, i'm doc'ing my adventures in
building a bootable system for the BBB using the meta-beagleboard
layer here:


and i'm open to anything i should add. more to come ...