I can`t install new image on my BBB

Hi All,

I am a really newbie user on beaglebone, so, please be pacient at the answer and easy to understand. once i don`t know the board

I downloaded the newest version (Debian 8.2) http://beagleboard.org/latest-images

I Used WINRAR to decompress the SD card .img file

With card reader hub, i wrote the image using Win32 disk imager, after this I just plugged the SD card (4Gb) at my board, pressed the button near of the USB connector and turned on (still pressing the button) the board using a 5V and i also tried with the usb.

After more than 1 hour nothing changed, and the image wasn’t installed

I missed one step? how i can do it?

(sorry my bad English)

Did you actually try logging in..

Unless the image has the words "eMMC-flasher" it's not going to flash the eMMC..

You can grab the "eMMC-flasher" from here..