I cannot find /dev/spidev for beagleboneAI

I wanna to use spi driver.
But beagleboneAI have no /dev/spidev

How to use spi device driver for beagleboneAI.


By editing and compiling the device tree... or just using a different
device tree in uEnv.txt when booting -- see:


Updating the device tree

Out of the box the BBAI pins do not support the SPI bus. So why not? To fix
this one has to edit the device tree.

Checking under boot/dtb where the compiled device tree file are shows there
are 2 dtb for BBAI.

One is for the plain BBAI, the other for BBAI robotics cape.

To make sure I checked the dts file on github which confirms that the
vanilla DTB on the BBAI does not have any configurations for the SPI bus.

After overwriting the BBAI with the BBAI robotics cape .dtb and rebooting
there are now two SPI busses available as shown on the photo below.

  Please consider learning how to use a search engine -- it took me only
about three minutes to find that page; in the meanwhile you've been waiting
for a response for what -- over 24 hours?