I can't access after flashing Debian 8.2 to eMMC.

  • I can’t access after flashing Debian 8.2 to eMMC.
  • How do I enable it?
  • I loaded up the latest image to an SD card.
  • Runs great when booted from SD card, both E:\ and methods work.
  • Edited /boot/uEnv.txt to enable flash
  • Flashed to eMMC.
  • Boots fine, I get the FAT partition on host PC (Windows 7 Pro).
  • But I no longer have
  • Reboot with a virgin image on SD card and I get ethernet over usb again.
  • Reflash with flashing image and same bum result.
  • Debian 8.2 (BeagleBone, BeagleBone Black, Seeed BeagleBone Green, Arrow BeagleBone Black Industrial - 2GB SD) 2015-11-12

I saw the same behavior and accidently found a workaround which may help. I was testing wireless drivers on the BBB at the time.

I run my BBB attached to a powered USB hub which is plugged into the host PC running either Windows 7 or 10; or Ubuntu Linux 14.04.3. Delian 8.2 is running dnsmasq out of the box, so it will offer DHCP leases over USB on 192.168.7.x. Adding a DHCP entry to /etc/network/interfaces for the device USB0, gives me a functional network connection to the BBB.

Doing the equivalent reliably in Windows is more difficult so I refer you to https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh831538.aspx. I was able to get it to work by turning off all other network devices and broadcasting for a DHCP lease.

I’m not involved enough with the beagleboard project to know whether this is by design or a happy accident, but I hopefully someone else can fill in the blanks.



That image is broken, use a known good snapshot:



I am very confused, is that not one of the

Recommended Debian Images

at the very top of the beagleboard.org web page???


I'm not sure what you are confused about..

You reported some bugs, i replied that yes that image is broken, use
one of the ones listed here:


But feel free to keep on using the "8.2 2015-11-12 snapshot", you'll
probably find more bugs that we've already fixed and pushed fixes for.