I can't read GPIO port on BBxM RevC2

Hi everyone,
I’m using BBxM Rev C2 board and trying to read GPIO_159 that is in expansion header. I successfully used it as output(Turn On LED and TURN OFF LED). But I can’t read anything on this port.

I used this steps;

cd /sys/class/gpio/
echo 159 > export
cd /sys/class/gpio/gpio159
echo “in” > direction
cat value // this always response me “0” zero.

I’m normally using pull up button so that it has high level when it’s not pressed. But I always take “0” value when I write “cat value” command on terminal.

Has anybody idea?

Best Regards.

I solve the problem. My GPIO_159 was damaged. it’s not working. Others is OK.

which pin now you are using…