I have a program running on boot that is preventing me from SSH'ing into the BBB.

Hello, all. I wanted to setup a C++ program to run on power-up, so I created a bash script that executes it and then created a service to call that script on boot. This works and executes my program on boot (I am controlling the USR LEDs in my code so I know), but now I am unable to stop it or SSH into the Beaglebone Black. Does anyone know if I can fix this without re-imaging the device?


Ok, so this is a way out side corner case. You’ve done something (wrong i might add ), that is causing your ssh server to stop working / working correctly. So . . . you need to tell us exactly what you’ve done to your system up to this point. If you can’t tell us exactly step by step what you’ve done up to this point. Then you need to start keeping a diary, or work log of what you’re doing.

Until then maybe someone can help you, but I can’t. But the only way someone can help you with the given information is if that someone has gone through exactly what you’re going through now. Or something close to it.

Get a serial to USB cable ( 3.3V ) connect to debug port and fix your

If you are connecting via the microusb cable,
enter the address ""
in a browser. You may see the IDE pop up.
If so, you are logged in and can fix your problems there.
If you are logging in via ether, try the microusb cable.

When your system is booting from SD card, plug the card in a PC and rename the script on the card

When booting from EMMC, what happens when you connect a monitor (HDMI), do you see a login prompt? If so, connect a keyboard and disable the service (or rename the script).