I need a tutorial for how to boot prepare a sd card boot image

Hi All,

I need a tutorial to boot linux in bbb.
I have booted 3.8 I have rootfs and boot partition
I have booted using a prebuild debian image

I see there is only one rootfs iin debian image
why there is difference between having boot and rootfs vs a single rootfs folder.

I want to use latest kernel. I ran ./build.sh script and it did what it can do. I have now a zImage unlike a vmlinuz in the debian boot image. Why this difference?
How can I prepare a booting sd card using ./build.sh script and boot on my BBB.

It’s the exact same file…



took u-boot just now from this tutorial,

two problems I see while compiling

Your GCC is older than 6.0 and will not be supported starting in v2018.01.


lib/asm-offsets.c:1:0: error: bad value (armv5) for -march= switch

Why such errors?

Can’t we use older u-boot that used to work?

Umm that statement is pretty obvious from u-boot, what’s your issue with it?

Didn’t pass ARCH=arm

Both those errors show you didn’t follow the directions as written.


yes, i didn’t followed instructions, for cross compiler.
I already have a cross compiler that I am using and that builds u-boot.

A couple of more questions,

I took this kernel For am33x-v4.4 (Longterm 4.4.x):

There is another thing on this site


What its for?

  1. I took this capemgr: v4.4.x+
    When I issued this

I get an error Error: this script: [./install.sh] is not supported to run under [x86_64]

TI has their own supported kernel fork, those are based on that.

Correct, that script is not supported to be run on your desktop…

Run it in the end Beagle device.


I am at menuconfig menu in terminal, I don’t know where is bb.org_defconfig. Which configuration I choose for .config file to get booted on my BBB.

Umm just hit esc-esc the default config is already loaded by default. Menuconfig pops up just so you can see, tweak, etc…


Why i asked this because except I am downloading kernel from Robert’s repository I don’t know where beaglebone configs are
I can only see the soc name like am3xx but no where in configs beaglebone or anything that does not confuse a first timer
sure that he is doing the right thing.

also why would I use TI’s BSP? Is it important for a first timer?

The default config is located at…


It gets copied to ./KERNEL/.config

make menuconfig

Gets called…


It’s important to TI and some users, it’s also what we ship by default for BeagleBoard.org images.


#1 You WERE talking to Robert

#2 There is no question if Robert did "the right thing". The question is if
YOU did the right thing.

I don’t know if I am doing the right thing that’s why I am posting questions.