i need to make dual partition for sd card

am using beagleboard-xm.
i am able to connect board to my windows 7 and using hyperterminal i
have booted defualt angstorm.

now i want booot linux and later android.

the problem am facing is ,
am using windows 7. how to make a partition in sd-card, so that i
could run the linux. i wrote the ubutntu to a cd and start booting
from laptop, but not successful, i used gpated tool, here its not
showing the sd-card.

please give me some pointers.


I advise you to use different SD cards for each of OS’s you use. Do not mix them

2010/11/28 karthik <m.mahesha@gmail.com>

I don't know what works or doesn't on Windows 7 as it's all foreign to me. The only instructions I know of are located at http://code.google.com/p/beagleboard/wiki/BeagleBootHwSetup