I want to join the beagleboard google Group

I’m stuck using an older email account to access the beagleboard google group, and when I try to use this email brian.e.hensley@gmail.com I get the following error message.

“You do not have permission to access this group. (#371)”

Please fix the issue and grant me access to the beagleboard google group!

Done. I think there is a way to contact the forum moderator without needing to hit the whole list. I encourage others who read this not to repeat, but instead to simply contact me. BTW, I am ‘jkridner’ on http://beagleboard.org/chat (freenode IRC).

Do not contact me directly for BeagleBoard/BeagleBone support issues–for those cases, always keep the list in copy. It is fine to put me on the list as well, but I will only reply if the list is in copy.