I would love to get a bbb, but..

Olimex costs about 100$ for the board, 4LCD and Lipo.
BBB costs about double of that and doesn’t have a Lipo (only this battery cape).

Are there any efforts to draw level with these Olimex-folks?



Let me elaborate. Our focus is Open Source SW and Open Source Hardware By its very nature the end result will be to put people in business, not put them out of business. It is easier to build a single one function system, where everything is set. What we are trying to do is build a base platform, just the board and not a system, that people can then turn into their own personal and unique system. All different LCD sizes, different wireless interfaces, CAN Bus, touchscreen, big batteries, small batteries etc. We want people making systems. We are not looking to create a system in advance that others can buy from elsewhere.

If there are systems out there that meet you exact needs, then I would buy it. If you want to create, innovate, and make a system that is you, then that is where we come in. Too many times in life we have to settle for something less than perfect that someone else decided was perfect. While nothing is ever perfect, we do hope that given the right amount of motivation and creativity, we can help someone get a little closer to their definition of perfect.

We always strive to stay close to the bleeding edge. Many times this can be painful, particularly with software, But, to get these improvements and changes to everyone, takes time and help from everyone.We hope you will take the beagle platform of choice and, with the help of others in the community, make it yours. And we hope that along the way this can make what we do a little closer to perfection along the way.

If you can’t buy exactly what you want, then make it!


The problem is: I can’t make it. I’m looking for a minicomputer with keyboard that’s running on a lipo, that will charge the lipo, once on current and it should come with a small sized screen, preferably a touchscreen. I’d like to get into this stuff, but I have to connect it with this practical requirements in my daily student-routine and it shouldn’t end up above the costs of a netbook.

Well, respectfully, it sounds like the BBB doesn’t meet your user requirements. For many of the rest of us on the forum, it does, and fantastically so.

, only on OS’s like Angstrom, Yocto and other similar ones that use OE is that true. Using something like ArchArmLinux is not painful in the slightest for bleeding edge, rolling release. Yes sometimes you can fall off the edge, but if you actually pay attention to what is being updated AND make sure you check for issues updating before hitting Y then all is good. Just because one method or system is painful to be bleeding edge does not mean all are. I have a BB-xm that has been running Arch for over 2 years now without a single issue what so ever. No reinstalls nothing other than updates

I have one of these, it's called a smart phone :slight_smile:

“it’s called a smart phone :)”

It’s funny I get suggested to buy a smart phone in a maker community.

“Too many times in life we have to settle for something less than perfect that someone else decided was perfect.”

So this actually seems to apply here. I mean it’s not far off to think such a system should also run on a LIPO without occupying the USB slot.