I2C access via IOCTL in the beaglebone's cape address range (0x54...0x57)


I want to develop some software for the BBB in C# using mono. For i2c access, I found a working library called BBBCSIO. This library utilises ioctl for hardware(i2c) access.

Now the problem: If I want to read out the eeprom-data of a cape (0x54) connected to the bbb (via the c# software), I will get an error like this:

[…] Error setting I2C device 0x0054, ioctlRetVal=-1 […]

If I change the address of the cape’s eeprom to 0x50 for example, the code works, however this is not a valid address for a beaglebone cape (and I dont want to resolder all the available capes I want to write software for).

Now the question: Is there an existing solution for the ioctl access of i2c devices in the address range of 0x54 … 0x57?
When I look into “/sys/bus/i2c/devices/1-0054/modalias” I find “i2c:24c256”, meaning that this driver occupies this device, right? Is there a way to remove this driver?

Thank you!!!