I2C configuration differences between kernel versions

After having some trouble with I2C I found out that there are
differences between omap3_beagle_defconfig in other kernel versions.

In the latest version(v2.6.29-rc4) CONFIG_I2C_OMAP_BEAGLE is not
present and the last defconfig I see it present was in the v2.6.26-
omap2 which was the kernel version I used when attaching extra i2c
hardware to the beagle.

I checked the omap3_beagle_defconfig history:

and the latest modification is supposed to be on 2008-08-13 by Paul

Just to be sure, CONFIG_I2C_OMAP_BEAGLE is no longer required? and
just with CONFIG_I2C_OMAP is more than enough?


Hi all,

I have got problem about /dev/video1, /dev/video2.

I've tried the Beagleboard-kernel image. But it doesn't support V4L2 display, which is necessary for us to utilize the advantage of Scaling and etc. of Beagleboard. And I've been adviced to try the follow :

git://www.sakoman.net/git/linux-omap-2.6.git git://source.mvista.com/git/beagleboard-test.git

But it seems not to support /dev/videoX.

Best Regards,
George. Qiao

Scaling and etc work fine with the framebuffer interface.



Many thanks for your response. But we have already made many things on the v4l2 display.

Many platform support v4l2 as follow:
TI OMAP3530 EVM, DaVinci DM355, DM64XX, etc.


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