i2c, spi & hdmi

I'm trying to setup a nrf905. I have managed to enable i2c just fine..

But i'm rather confused as to the support on the device. There seems to be zero real "management" to get real control over parts.. Like i2c, I apparently have to have both i2c-0 &1 enabled, or none at all? Same with spi?

I need one i2c, and one SPI at the moment. But, I need to leave hdmi enabled. spi wont load without turning off hdmi..

Am I just SOL? What about disabling something else, like the micro-usb, I need the full size one more then the other, which i've already yanked ethernet capability on.. Sorry for confusion. The naming scheme on some of the expansion pins, and the "Modes" has me rather confused about how that ties into the txt file in /boot