i2c Tools Address/Values Settings

I have been trying to use the i2c Tools for Linux offered by lm-
It works fine but I haven't been able to use some of its functions
because I don't know how the following should be written:
- chip address;
- data address;
- value.
How/Where can I find these values and addresses?

You need to look at the schematic and find the I2C chip you are trying to program. Then google the chip number and download the datasheet. It will tell you what the valid chip addresses are. Usually the least significant address bit or two can be pulled up/down to change the address of the chip. Look at the schematic and the chip doc.

The data is also in the I2C doc for the chip. Each chip is different and has its own I2C command set. Usually the command string that is sent serial on the I2C bus has the format of:
1 (address byte + R/W bit),
2 device specific command byte
3 data byte(s) to read or write

Generally a I2C device has a device ID address and one or more
register ID's. This is device dependent so you first should
know what is the device you are trying to communicate with. It
would have some pre determined info about its address and registers.
Possibly published.
Some devices are proprietary and then you go fish for the info.

If you are referring to the internal device ID's and registers of the
BeagleBoards then you might try the TRM's

I hope this is helpful, but your question is rather vague.

Don Lewis
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