I2C2 EEPROM Question

I am currently using I2C2 on the BBB to communicate with a real time clock on boot up. I am able to write and read times from a .service file most of the time. However, occasionally on boot up the clock is not set properly and I suspect it is being interrupted by the EEPROM on the same I2C bus. Is there an initial EEPROM script or .service file that I can remove or disable? If there is, where is the location? I am not using any capes.

Thanks in advance

The onboard EEPROM is on a different bus that the one on the expansion header, unless of course you are adding wires to those same signals on the board itself which is not recommended You would be better of using the bus on the expansion connector in this case. The board does read the bus on hte expansion header to see if there is a cape on the expansion headers, but it is not writing to the EEPROM in this case.

If you RTC has the same address as the EEPROM, then anytime you try to read or write to in, the EEPROM would respond on the same pat. But, you should not have this case/.