iar embedded ARM + Jtag + BeagleBoard Black

I buy this board BBB. I want to remove all the memory that is not used by the operating system, and simply use the scheme, such as pull legs microprocessor and work on IAR embedded ARM. What you need to do to remove all of the memory. I need a “empty” board. I want to connect via jtag and programmed via software IAR embedded ARM? I just want to know this microprocessor, which he “breathes”.

Well, right now all the memory is used by the operating system,. I decided not to add memory that was not used. The eMMC can be bypassed and only use the SD card, but that is the only option. You can remove that if you like, But, I would leave it on and just not use it to prevent damaging the board.

As to IAR support, I am not sure.


I thought TI’s Starterware at http://software-dl.ti.com/dsps/dsps_public_sw/am_bu/starterware/02_00_01_01/index_FDS.html was supposed to enable you to do this.

Hope this helps,

I have not heard if StarterWare supports the BBB or not. It does the BBW, but not sure about BBB.


Last I heard / read Gerald. It does not. This is why I was saying that I’d expect starterware for the BBB, and the SGX driver to be released by TI around the same time( a few months ago ) Even though they’re not technically related.

However, what I think is pure speculation, and I have no idea how reliable my source is / was. Heck I can not even remember where I read this about starterware.