IDE (eclipse) for Beaglebone on Windows

As a newbie to Linux, looking for IDE and debuggers.

my setup,

a) I have windows10 PC with ubuntu as application, (ubuntu on Windwos)
b) Connected to Beaglebone with SSH,
c) beaglebone has an internet-over-USB connection.

I am inclined towards an IDE and debugger (like eclipse) instead of Vi editor

My question:

  1. What are the various IDE options on Windows (eclipse and any other?)
  2. Can we install any IDE on my Ubuntu–on-Windows? (may be stupid question)
  3. If I install eclipse IDE on windows. Does it help to connect to targetboard?
    to run the program and debug.

Please guide me, Thanks in advance

Can't go wrong with vscode. And BBB comes preloaded with cloud9 ide.