IDE setup help?

Forty plus hours and still no joy. Wasted a lot of time trying to get
it running on Debian squeeze before going with Ubuntu. What I've
figured out so far: In order to install the SDK into Ubuntu you have
to be root. Editing the START_HERE script is necessary since the FTDI
query does not recognize the SDK is plugged into the Bone. Namings
listed in what little documentation there is, is not consistent.(EG.
at one point in the setup process you are directed to execute the
shell script to fill out the required packages. If a group
of scripts in ti-sdk-am335x-evm- setup-pakage- looks like the correct one).
At this point Code Composer Studio opens but cannot connect to
anything. In the BeagleBone Getting Started Guide the configuration
file bbone-target-config.ccxml is to be copied to the
CCSTargetConfigurations directory. Both the file in the GettingStarted
page and the same named file from the Bone itself give the same
Invalid Target Configuration file error.
Any clues to why the configuration supplied in the getting started
page is showing as invalid?

BTW, the serial number on my 'Bone is in the low 200s. does mean that
that is how many have been shipped so far?