Idea from not Idea page


I read all the guideline and idea page, I’m sure that those problems must need to be solved, But I’ve another aspiration. I want to take part in GSOC and really want to contribute something useful.
So my idea is as follows:
Beagleboard really helps people to design, Fast prototyping, But engineer always finds it difficult to deliver a product with zero bugs and also they cannot improve the program after ones delivered it.
So I realize that also small devices should have a mechanism in place that they could update their working program.

As we know that our most of products, and new products that’ll come with Bluetooth and that’ll connects with mobile to give the information on mobile. So my idea is to provide a common and clear interface between mobile and device to update the device program with mobile devices using Bluetooth connection. So they only need to download device program in mobile and other things will be handled by library at mobile side and interface module the device side. It’ll update the software in device in s secure manner and in a way that the user and the engineer should not worry about.

I think as we are starting to use boards in real products we also need to think about software update problem on this kind of devices. You can drop me email about your view on this idea, I can also explain you more if needed.