Ideas and EdgeAI from TI?


I am currently trying to install some edgeai applications on the BBAI-64 and not being received well is a doosie.


P.S. This is what does not work for now with these ideas:

sudo apt install ti-edgeai-8.2-base ti-vision-apps-8.2 
uname -a: Linux BeagleBone-AI64 5.10.168-ti-arm64-r113


cat /etc/dogtag: ______________

And a quick search on the debian “cache,” returns nothing…

Oops, I bricked the board. Time for a reflash. Blah…


I know or actually knew that my minimal image was not a known working image. I tried it anyway…

Okay, reflash!

I found an image and then installed it on the eMMC on the BBAI-64.

I think I downloaded too many model_zoo files and the board got slow and something happened. I will update once I can configure things correctly!