Ideas, ideas, ideas!!!

Seriously folks, you don’t have ideas of what you’d like to do with students for this year’s GSoC???

How about running Arduino sketches on the PRUs? Is that a reasonable
project for GSoC?

Thought there was a project from a previous year that did something like this
(or was it on the A9). Think Dave was one of the mentors on it.

In any case, I'd think that's a useful thing for the Beagle community to have
done in GSoC.

Another idea:
are there any Linux device drivers relevant to BeagleBoard or
BeagleBone which are still in staging? Might be a good project for a
student to try get them cleaned up.

The biggest one I can think of is fbtft though Noralf is moving that
to his new tinydrm.

Are all the sensors on the Blue in mainline and out of staging?

Yepp, we (me and another student called Parav) had it working in userspace . (prpplague was indeed the mentor)
We didn’t do PRU stuff then, so can definitely be done. Would co-mentor !

Hi ,

I am Vipin Chaudharu, a GSOC aspirant this year

I am just giving my opinion it may or may not be qualified enough for a beagleboard project,

When i was in first year i created a shoe pedometer which counts number of steps, distance covered , calories burnt and locate you on earth’s cordinate using Arduino pro mini and GPS module and flex sensors though it did not had good accuracy , so i just though can this be considered as an idea for beagle board project but this time with improved accuracy ??