Ideas on a better out-of-box experience

I like the idea of more memory. I held out about 3-6 months before
buying the RevC2 as my first BB for this reason.

For those wanting a power switch… splice one into your power cable.

For the most part, I really want to see improvements in the software
side (ie: everything “just working” with any of the various linux
distros). I lean a little more towards the hacker/user side of the
spectrum (not so much “developer”), so I feel just a small twinge of
buyer-remorse because newer/better versions of the hardware will come
out and eventually be usable out of the box, while I currently have to
just sit and wait several months while the experts get things working.

For a “just working” out-of-the-box experience, you can just purchase a pre-programmed SD card and entire parts kits from someone like Special Computing. I imagine when better static software images are out there, those guys will be selling cards with newer code images as well, so you don’t need to feel left out. That is a nice thing about the software not being tied to the board.

You can also simplify that most complex part of making an SD card image by taking the ESC demo image from and copy it to an SD card using ‘dd’. It would be nice if there were some good Linux VMWare images shared that had a good build environment setup. Perhaps the Maemo, Ubuntu, and other distribution images and build environments will also be shared and sold on cards in the future?