I'm getting too old!!!

Hi Guys,

OK I know I am old but BBB is making me feel even older! I have a BBB + LCD4 here is what I did

  1. Plugged in and booted I get the Angstrom ASCII logo and a prompt quite quickly
  2. I created a SD with ubuntu image and placed it in the BBB micro SD slot, booted holding down the boot switch.
  3. lots of flashing for quite some time then four LED’s on.
  4. Reboot but still get same Angstrom ASCII logo and prompt.

OK so trying to install Ubuntu is not working, this problem aside, what I really want is the following and maybe there is an easier way, so here is my question.

I want a Linux image that will drop onto the BBB with QT installed or a simple GUI development system (recommendations please) one that will let me develop on PC and drop onto BBB

Thanks in advance and sorry for being old :wink:


OK got purebasic working on ubuntu in virtualbox, compile a “hello world” and it works OK on ubuntu
Moved exe to BBB and file does not run any suggestions?



BBB is arm you cannot "move" a file from an x86 machine and expect it to
you will need to compile your programs using a ARM toolchain on your
ubuntu box
or compile it on the BBB.