I'm new, come from the Pi world, hold my hand.

I found these boards (sic) via the Bela cape project.
I’m a directions following Raspberry Pi guy.
During this current Pi draught, I came across a steal of a deal on 3x BBAI boards, new.
I am lost.
Skimming in here, I can tell I am very out of my league. Is this the best place to chat about Beaglebone for a new guy like me? If yes, awesome. If no, where should I be?
Im 50, I don’t use IRC (I’m a nonstudent American) and I am having many growing pains with Discord.

I need to learn basic setup and software updates/gui install.
I have 2 projects in mind that I want to accomplish.

Project 1:
Use board as a basic Linux install to run the latest CURA so I can have better control of my crappy closed source 3d printer.

I assume I’ll need install os and gui, install vnc and cura.

Project 2:
There is a project for raspberry pi zero w called pwnagotchi which is making a pocket friend that likes to eat wifi pkid files and has an ai component on it that seems fun. It uses A2C and I was hoping that the ai cores on the board could be used to process the algorithm better.

Assume I need OS install, ssh, software install for the pwnagotchi with edit to use the PRUs and an external wifi adapter (I already know the onboard isn’t compatible) and also run an epaper display.

I’m pretty sure both of my projects are doable and that the bbai is a bit of overkill.

Thanks for reading.


Hi Tim,
First off, welcome! Oh and are there any more of those “steal of a deal” BBAIs available? Would love to have a few of those.

I’ve been working with beagle boards for a long time, starting with the bone, but I’m coming back after a time away. I have a project in mind that is perfect for the new BeaglePlay and BeagleConnect: Freedom boards.

I also love the RPi, but for very different reasons–it’s a great “I just need a board for this DIY project” solution. Where the Beagle boards with their amazing stance on real open hardware, high manufacturing standards, and still solid performance make them very attractive for commercial applications. And by not being focused on the education market, means the docs and demos–like every software project I’ve ever worked on–lags a bit behind the release.

A great place to start with all things Beagle in my opinion is this book:

While it doesn’t cover the BBAI, it is a great backgrounder.

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Before I dive into such a pricy book, any good For Dummy’s or YouTube videos I can checkout?

@Tim_B ,

Hello. My name is Seth. I do not know about specific youtube videos but docs.beagleboard.org is a good place to start.


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What do you think is a good price for one?
Now I have fears I didn’t get a deal, or if I did, do I need 3?

Last I checked they retail at Mouser for around $190.

If you’re in the USA I’d send you one still sealed in the Grey bag for $100.
Overseas, basically $90+postage.

On another note, I dove in last night, opened it up as a hard drive on my MacBook, and saw a drivers folder, installed the ftdi driver, awesome.
Installed the HoRNDIS driver and my system wouldn’t finish booting.
If you have Macos 10.14 do not install this kext.
You may spend an extra 2.5 hours in the wee morning struggling to get your main machine back via safe boot and deleting the HoRNDIS kexts from system/library/extensions and /Library/extensions
Like I did.

Please don’t install that driver!

We actually enable 2 ‘usb-ethernet’ interfaces in the default images… One which is rndis for Microsoft, and NCM for Apple! (linux get’s to use booth)… At some point we will figure out how to make NCM work for Microsoft without special drivers installed…

Debian 10: Debian 10.x (Buster) - Monthly Snapshots
Debian 11: Debian 11.x (Bullseye) - Monthly Snapshots


Too late…
But I got it off there.

Can’t I just ssh into the board with it cabled to my network and do some apt update upgrades, or do I need to figure out how to pull and make a new image?


Correct Ethernet works just fine.