Image acquisition from a MIPI source

Hi all,

I have a conundrum with the Beagle XM's camera ISP and am hoping that
somebody out there might have the missing insight that I've not found
from the DM3730 reference manual.

My colleagues have made a camera board that plugs in to the Beagle's
camera board connector. It's a monochrome VGA camera, providing image
data by MIPI (CSI1 mode) on the cam_d6 through cam_d9 pins - clock on
d7 and d6, data on d9 and d8, we've scoped them and they seem to be
providing sensible signals - and now I'm trying to get the OMAP's
camera PHY to acquire this data.

In the DM3730 reference manual (TI document SPRUGN4K), section
"Camera ISP CSIPHY Initialization for Work With CSI1/CCP2B Receiver"
talks about selecting data lane and clock lane as being in one of two

My question is, what are these positions for the lanes that this
register config is referring to? My best guess is that it's asking
which way round the csi2 dx0 and dx1 pairs are connected - but as I've
still got a mountain of config registers to set up and tune I'd rather
nail this ambiguity to reduce the complexity of what I have to
experiment with.

Hopefully we're not the only people using MIPI on the Beagle?


The signals on Beagle were not routed differentially. Therefore the serial mode is not likely to work. I would be very surprised if it did.


Just FYI and I'm not going to put my hand up to total data integrity, but have a
quantum of surprise; having sorted out the rather baroque register arrangements, I get
perfectly acceptable images :-),


That’s great to hear! Also note that the MIPI interface is not offcially supported by the DM3730 so if anyone else wants to use the interface they can, but there will be no support for the DM3730 folks.


Indeed - I was quite pleased :slight_smile: ; is it not? How would I have told? It's in the reference manual for
DM3730 so I rather assumed it could be relied on to work, provided your board was laid out correctly
of course .. (we're using CSI1/CCP2 mode rather than CSI2, but I believe they both count as MIPI).


Just want to make it clear for anyone else that reads this exchange.