Image duplication

Let’s say I have tweaked an image for the PocketBeagle and want to duplicate it for additional units. Is it valid to just duplicate my revised image, or is there something unique that has to be done for each one? I seem to recall somewhere in a boot script is something that runs only the first time, but I currently can’t find it and don’t remember what it does.

I’ve never had trouble duplicating modified images — it’s how I distribute the software for my own project.

This said, I suspect (but haven’t checked) that all PocketBeagles running my images will have the same host key. It’s not a big problem for me since my application is a standalone appliance for retrocomputing (so you seldom ever plug it into anything except the old computer and a power source).


For the PocketBeagle, just dd the microSD to another microSD..


That’s basically what I have been doing, but just wanted to make sure there weren’t some one time operations that were being skipped.

sudo touch /etc/ssh/ssh.regenerate

and reboot, lots of things will get regenerated..


I could be networked so common host key or MAC address would be less than optimal. I will double check that.