Image Processing using Beagle

I am working on a project which using a webcam to capture live video and take still images and convert them to binary image to do calculation. The microprocessor will be running by using batteries so it won’t be connect to laptop once code is implemented.
I am not too familiar with Beagle but people have suggested me to check it out. Do you think my project is doable using Beagle?
I will go into more detail on my project if it needed.
Thank you

Which Beagleboard are you interested in?


Beagle Black is the one i am interested

OK. So it can dosome image processing over the USB port. I suggest you register so that you emails will go through without me having to read them first.

Then I suggest you Google BeagleBone Black for camera, video, processing. You can also search the discussion list for this topic as well and see what others have already done.