image processing with beagleboard using open CV

Sir,i wanted to do a project to develop a robot which is capable of
doing image processing for greenhouse plants on the robot itself.
For example it will capture an image of particular plant,then process
it on the bot itself to detect whether fruits on the plant are ripen
or not ,they are having disease or not & similar kind of things which
requires vision as a sensor.Can u please tell me what language should
i use for image processing?
& anything else u can help me in this project.

i think OMAP 3530 processor (Devkit 8000 or beagle board ) is one of
the best processor for image or multimedia applications, here there is
no question of question of language obviously u should go for C only.
use any one embedded linux OS (Angstrom or android), use OpenCV
software so u can simply ur work..