imagemagick on the beagleboard


I tried installing imagemagick on my BB....the configure and make went
fine, but when I try to do make install it fails saying

grep: /lib/ No such file or directory

Any idea what the issue is...and how I can resolve it...apparently
it's a common problem when I googled it, but the answers aren't

Also, I saw imagemagick listed under console/utils when I was using
Narcissus to build my Angstrom image
Do I use ipkg with the armv7a version listed there:
? do I get it directly through Narcissus, though?



Do I use ipkg with the armv7a version listed there:

I've been trying to find some howto's regarding ipk's.....and maybe
I'm dense but I'm really not finding much...
I've got it down to these 2:

ar -x <filename>.ipk OR
install <file.ipk>

There seems to be 2 tarballs contained within the ipk file - the data
and control packages - how do I use these? All I want to do is have
imagemagick running on the BB using imagemagick_6.4.4-1-

Btw, I still don't have an Internet connection so I can't use opkg :frowning: