Images and Double Beeping Once uSD Card Fully Filled


Does the BBBW not boot once hardware rebooting is done b/c of lack of current space on the uSD Card memory?

The reason I am asking is b/c I was adding via apt install some libs to the IoT image from the forums. The image I got was from this forum.

But…it seemed that the memory on the card ran low, I was notified, and then once using the reboot button on the BBBW, the board booted but into a double beep on the dev. desktop.


P.S. Could this be due to my installs, memory, or the way in which the reboot into full capacity happens?

I mean…I will test real quickly on the reboot needing to happen first. This is not the issue. But…I have noticed some there currently and then gone double beeps on the dev. desktop when plugging in the BBBW and IoT image via SD Card. I am trying to make sense out of what is actually going on before I make the error again.

Correct, this is from whatever you installed thru apt… sounds like you need a bigger microSD card…



I installed: gcc-arm-none-eabi

Then, I rebooted the BBB.

Then, the two beeps are then happening on the dev. desktop.


@RobertCNelson ,

So, no baremetal for me. Oh well…I guess NEON was a fascination for me anyway. I do not need it nor should I have to need it. It would have been another venture to take on for learning purposes.