Imagination #GPU for BeagleV #RISCV SBC

Imagination’s GPU selected by StarFive


As per my understanding, SiFive’s U74 64-bit RISC‑V processor available as an IP block will get BXE-4-32 GPU IP, a core from Imagination’s latest generation IMG B-Series GPU range, as a Co-Processor in the same SOC
If this is correct, where could I get more information about this.

I can only find 20G1.03.00 version of datasheet dated June 13, 2020 here -

Any pointers would be helpful ?

Is the source code of the GPU still going to be closed source? It is nice to have a good GPU but if it can’t be used it becomes less interesting.

With TI we have to use binary blobs and there is no support for xorg

With the creator board they are still at kernel 3.8 with binary blobs with no support for xorg

If I understand correctly, Imagination started working on open source drivers for Linux a year ago. That gives us hope.

Imagination Working On A New Open-Source Linux Graphics Driver Project

I hope that the situation improves with Imagintion and open source
drivers. We at have lobbied for this with our
contacts but we ourselves don't necessarily have the market influence
to make that happen. I agree there are positive signs like that
Phoronix post, but ultimately we will have to see what Imagination
actually does.

As for the BeagleV, we should be able to offer PCIe connector when the
StarFive 7110 SoC is ready (not the beta board which has 7100 SoC)
which means it will be possible to add a GPU with upstream support
like Radeon RX580 such as what SiFive has done with the Unmatched



Not for nothing are Imagination still open for an OpenSource driver?. I know they did put out for a kernel dev / drm Mesa person. Looking at how Panfrost/Bifrost worked out it would be more than a one person effort to get something up and running quickly. All of the original work by the open community is gone since it sounds like a cease and desist was perhaps forth coming or threats of legal action.

So I did a Job search on Img Techs site,

The opensource Linux job and interesting positions around it are very much open, from the vacancy

" Job no: 497328 - Work type: Experienced Professional - Location: Kings Langley, UK, Bristol, UK

You will focus on developing a new Linux open source graphics driver stack, including Mesa and kernel-mode drivers."

Bristol BTW is my hometown in England :), So it seems we would need to get these filled if an Open stack for these is to be realized.

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So place your bets on Vendor, imgTech?

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