Implementing CAN in BBB

Hi All,

I am a newbie to BBB and was thinking to implementing a project using its CAN controller.
My first question is : Is it really necessary to use a cape to implement and use CAN.

I have got 2 BBB and want to make them communicate through CAN.
Can any one who have already worked on provide me some links related to BBB and CAN.

Any more guidance is most welcome.
Thanks in advance.

hi !
You need Can transceiver to inteface with BBB , and from Can transceiver to CAN network

Vào 02:02:16 UTC+7 Thứ sáu, ngày 19 tháng mười hai năm 2014, Abhishek Tewari đã viết:

Hi Thinh,
Thanks for the reply.
So with that, as we already have two CAN trans receiver in BBB do we still need another one. Or these can be used to interface to BBB by a CAN network.

Thanks in advance.

You also need termination resistors if you are just linking the 2 together and not connecting to an existing network.

120R at each end of the network if my memory servers. They go across the bus wires. ie between CANH and CANL.