Include fbTFT in the mainline Linux kernel


I think it’s a good idea to include fbTFT drivers into the mainline Linux kernel(the Beaglebone fork of course). This will permit the use of low-cost screens more easily. Because Actually except for “official” capes it is really hard to develop with screens, and generally with objects “non officiales”

Thank you.

Very cool, do you have reference tft device i should pick up for
testing, before i merge these into our "3.8" and "3.14"


Found your wiki with the Adafruit models..


I have not tested it yet (I’ll probably do it soon, but must I learn about kernel compilation etc), so I can not real advise you.
Anyway thank you for responding so quickly and sorry for syntax errors in my first post I did not read me: p

Any News ?
I tried to compile the kernel(3.8) by myself with fbtft without any success :confused:

Well considering the rPI is armv5 versus armv7 on the beaglebone black . . . You probably have some “porting” to do.

I'm still waiting for hardware. :wink: So i haven't touched it yet.


Apparently, there are no problems with that, but they used features that are’nt available in 3.8. And they added the device tree support after this patch. So it will be difficult to make it work on 3.8.

Have you looked at our "Frankenstein" 3.8, there's a lot of things in
there that aren't available in's 3.8.13. :wink:


Yes, but probably it is me who is bad in compilation :stuck_out_tongue:

Which is where the “porting” would come in handy. . . .