Increasing Processor Clock Speed


I would like to adjust the clock settings of the OMAP3530 to ARM –
720MHZ and DSP – 520MHZ to maximize performance, as these are not the
default speeds.

I have read the following link to increase clock speed, however, but I
am not sure how u-boot commands "mw 48004940 0012580c" and "mw
48004040 0x0009ae0c” relate to the clock speeds set.

Can someone please tell me what commands I will need to enter to
increase the processor speeds to 720mhz/520mhz.

Also it is recommended that the core voltage is increased to 1.35V. Is
this automatically changed by increasing the clock speed?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,


The latest u-boot 2010-03 and 2.6.32-psp and mainline kernels already
support this..

in your bootargs add "mpurate=${mpurate}" for u-boot to auto set the
speed based on board, or force it with "mpurate=720"


Good day. I would like to ask about the increasing the core voltage that is suggested in the . I did not see any links or documentation about it. Hope someone can help me to help the 720MHz to be stable.