Indiana LinuxFest 2011 Call For Speakers

First I will apologize if this is inappropriate to post here but I wanted to
take the shot and see if there would be anyone interested in Presenting at
Indiana LinuxFest 2011 on March 25th to the 27th. We are trying to highlight
not only open source software but open and copyleft hardware and emerging
platforms like the Beagle board. Please visit if you would like to present.

Cheers and sorry for the interruption

Thanks for sending the invite. I don't know if we'd qualify as a .org, but I'd certainly be happy to pay the .org fee if anyone from the community wanted to host a table and we qualified.

I will check with the other board members but pretty sure it would be okay.

Also I would be interested to see if anyone would be interested in giving a talk about developing on the beagleboard as long as it is non commercial in nature

This sounds interesting. I might be able to make it over to talk
about how I use the Beagle in teaching a 32-bit embedded class.